It was over far before it started
How quickly I can phase in and out of people's lives.


He's officially the guy with a car as his profile picture. awesome.


We were naked


Is it bad I worry that she's lying to me?
I changed my mind,
I want to play live music very badly


I don't understand
Anything anymore.

She thinks I'm so naive.


I'm so fucking itchy.
This sucks.
My sheets never lay quite the same anymore.
A brutal force that shook the entire ocean floor.


I guess I can write cool songs about you too,
That means you ARE just another statistic.
Get over yourself.
I had a dream I was murdering this girl's ex-boyfriend with a giant rock through his skull. I'm not envious, I'm not mad. I'm disappointed. She told me she wasn't just another statistic. She told me she was different, and for some reason, I believed it. I'm exaggerating, I'm freaking out. He probably slept over, They probably fell back in love. They probably argued. I probably layed in my bed with my eyes open for a few hours wondering why I even bother to ever move a muscle.

When is it my turn?


Everything might've been going good.
But then she left.
This girl is an old love
This girl is my new love.
I am comfortable with her
and I am terrified of her.


She's moving away.
She's my best friend.
She's upset.

I'm tempted to move with her.
You go through all this effort
To have me in front of your face
Just to bitch about our lives
and the pace.


I've been calling myself a writer for almost a year when just today I finished my first two short stories. Today is the most productive day in my career thus far.

What the fuck is wrong with me.


They put you in a jar.
Everything you've amounted to.
They said you'd see me get married.
But the date is so far.
RIP. Olga K. Walsh
one of my favourite people ever.
I'm wakin up at nine o clock,
to pictures in her underwear,
the boys ask me how I couldn't care,
well i couldn't care,
Cause she's not here.


She's taking her clothing off
in front of a group of my closest friends.
He's sleeping at her house,
and they're waking up to fuck
and I'm over it.
And she's just as cute as I remember...