It funny how the worst news you could possibly get makes you happy.

Maybe I'm being set free. Maybe I'm already trapped


I can't let you get away with everything can I?


One of those awkward feelings I get when no one responds to anything. I think everyone is dead.
I'm a friendly guy.

I've been forcing people to wave hello to me all day.
Why is it that I can only write clever things in the shower?
I'm devoting my entire day to writing. I have an album to write, and I need it done ASAP.

The only breaks I'm taking are to read Shoplifting at American Apparel and Blue Pills.


I'm to busy listening to other bands
To make any of my own plans

I'm to busy listening to what everyone else may say
To write anything my own way
I wonder why all of a sudden she wants to talk to me, but then again I know why
I had one of those dreams.

I hate those dreams.

I want pizza.


Every time I turn my steering wheel my horn goes off. It doesn't go off all day until I have a girl in my passenger seat. I pull the car over, pop the hood and rip the fuse out.

I'm in her house. She is cute. I am nervous.
Who is she trying to kid?
My mother yells at me for making a pizza. She tells me I should buy my own food or move out. I have a rash on my upper arm.
A few days ago i had a several hour conversation with my first girlfriend. It had been a couple years since we talked. The relationship ended the worst way I could have imagined. I realized the love I still had for her. Then I realized the hypocrite I've become telling people to get over their relationships. Now what?
You're going to find someone perfect. I'm going to keep teaching lessons.

You know what Erks me?

This girl in my Psychology Education class was telling a story of when she was in elementary school. She assumed that because she was in an inner city school that she was smart because she was white and then moved to a suburban school. This made me cringe. I only surround myself with kids who attended inner city schools and every single one of then is smarter than her.

Two years ago this month I looked exactly the same.
I had all different friends.
I had different views on the world.
I was happy.


Everyone wants to fuck Everyone i've fucked.

Does that make me a trendsetter?


She told me if I had sex with her it would be completely platonic. \

maybe for her.